Minimum Order Quantity: 50

There are approximately 60 million golfers worldwide (28.5 million golfers in North America). What do we do when our scoring pencil lead breaks? We throw it away! Think of the millions of pencils that needlessly hit the landfill every year if only golfers carried a pencil sharpener.

Re Tee is the Divot Repair tool that has a pencil sharpener built in to save the environment from the waste of pencils and tee’s.
Why should 3 1/4 inch tees be one shot deals? Pick up and re sharpen broken tee’s to use on par 3’s or short par 4’s.

Tired of people not fixing their divots the more people carrying divot repair tools with them the more divots would be repaired.

Pricing Does Not Include Decoration

Additional Setup Charges May Apply