Minimum Order Quantity: 10

HawkEye features a light on each side of the unit to let you know when your device is receiving a charge. HawkEye also features an audio alert when your device and charger are disconnected. The button on the side of the unit allows you to silence the alert and turn it on or off. Don’t worry about HawkEye adding bulk and weight to your cable – it’s more compact than a USB stick! HawkEye fastens easily and securely to your cable so that you can use it anywhere and anytime. HawkEye is a small adapter that attaches to any USB cable to keep an eye on your charging cable and anything that is connected to it.

On the road with your tech and their cables? At your local coffee shop and stepping away for a second?  Activate the HawkEye alarm!

Security Alarm: Activate the audio alert and make sure your phone or tablet is secure while it charges in a public location.  If your device is unplugged the alarm will sound. Reminder Alert: Active the alarm to prevent you from leaving your charging cable behind in a hotel room or other area while travelling.

Pricing Includes a One Color, One Location Imprint

Additional Setup Charges May Apply